The question I'm often asked is "Why blackberries?"

The question I'm often asked is "Why blackberries?"  As a young child I spent many hours during summers on our dairy farm picking wild blackberries with my grandparents to sell.  The little bit of income I received was nice but spending time with my grandparents and enjoying the fresh berries, usually in the form of one of my grandmother's famous "little round pies" was the real treat.  Times have changed from the untamed thorny bushes and tick infested patches I grew up with to trellised, irrigated, and manicured fields with thornless  varieties of berries selected for firmness, sweetness, and taste profiles.  Technology has also shifted to the point  where  a commercial blackberry farm located in the mid-west is a real possibility.  My ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality fruit to serve the local market while also giving back to the community that I treasure.  I hope the memories created by all of those that visit Big Springs Berries are as fond as those that I have from my childhood.  I'm lucky  to have had the support and help of my wife and three children as well as the good fortune of some really fantastic employees.  


During Your Visit to Big Springs Berries

Friendly and helpful staff will be ready to assist you and answer any questions. Upon arriving there will be a wagon ride to and from the parking lot that will transport you down to the check in station where you'll receive picking containers to store your harvest. The fields have manicured walkways and trellised, thornless vines for easy picking.  A picnic area, nature trail, and wildlife and bird feeding stations are available for additional family fun. There will also be temporary water closets available. We politely request that only service animal visit the farm. 

U-Pick Prices: $3.99 + tax per pound

Cash and all Credit Cards Accepted



Our Farm

1919 East 300 Road

Lecompton, Kansas 66050


Wednesday - Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Weather and other circumstances permitting.



June 24, 2018

We opened to the public for the first this Saturday! Over 500 pounds of blackberries were picked and we could be more delighted with how smoothly everything went. Since the Natchez are known for their large size and were in overdrive, we held a biggest berry competition. The winner of the day was just over 19 grams! Thanks to everyone who came out and made opening day possible!


June 18, 2018

Finally! After an anxious couple of weeks, ripe–and delicious–blackberries have finally arrived. The strong heat arrived and with it brought opening weekend a whole week closer. Pictured is the Natchez variety known for their large size. Each plant is becoming heavier and heavier with ripe blackberries everyday. We are looking forward to have visitors out to the farm!


June 15, 2018

After a rain earlier in the week the wildflowers are starting to pop up all over the field. We have 5 acres of wildflowers here on the farm. The main field has California Zinnias and a smaller field is planted with Milkweed. In addition to the the blackberry blooms, the wildflowers provide ample opportunities for the onsite bees to harvest nectar. The Milkweed field was planted as an attractor for Monarch Butterflies.


June 5, 2018

This week two beekeepers from Golden Prairie Honey Farms visited Big Spring Berries to check up on the 16 colonies of bees which were placed on the farm in early May. The bees are doing very well and several of the colonies are in the process of hatching new queens! The near million bees help pollinate the berry blooms and produce honey on the farm. We are appreciative of all that the bees do for us!